Thursday, July 14, 2011

Van Wert Master Gardeners Garden Walk - July 16, 2011

I love garden walks. I get to see how others partake in one of the activities that I enjoy so  much. It's pretty amazing how creative people can be and for someone that was only blessed with a shot glass of creativity, I never fail to be inspired by others' gardens.

Smiley Park Children's Garden

This Saturday, the Van Wert Master Gardeners are hosting their annual Garden Walk from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For ten dollars, you'll be able to see 11 gardens in and around Van Wert (OH). In addition to the gardens, there will be a "Shop the Fruits of Our Labors" market where several items will be for sale, a Tussy Mussy demonstration, an irrigation demo, and diagnostics service. (Items for identification need to be brought in a plastic bag.)

Tickets for the event will be available for purchase at each of the stops, which will be identified by sunflower signs in the front yard:

  • Sue & Robert Young
    935 Elm St.
    Van Wert, OH
  • Steve and Tomi Jaycox
    702 Congress St.
    Van Wert, OH
  • Mauvette & Ralph Collins
    16524 Middle Point Rd.
    Van Wert, OH
  • Aaron Baker, caretaker of the gardens of Dr. and Mrs. John Perchalski
    1001 S. Walnut St.
    Van Wert, OH
  • Fred & Louise Hartwig
    1186 S. Walnut St.
    Van Wert, OH
  • Steve & Diana Pollock
    8012 Slane Road
    Van Wert, OH
  • Jay & Tonia Gamble
    12479 Cooper Road
    Van Wert, OH
  • St. Mary's Parish Rosary Garden
    601 Jennings Road
    Van Wert, OH
  • Garden of the Senses
    100 Block of East Main Street
    Van Wert, OH
  • Smiley Park Children's Garden
    1400 Leeson Avenue
    Van Wert, OH
  • Historical Society Museum Herb Garden
    602 N. Washington St.
    Van Wert, OH

Proceeds from the garden walk will benefit the Master Gardeners in their care and maintenance of the Garden of the Senses and Smiley Park Children's Garden, as well as future educational projects.

Since my mother's garden is on the garden walk, I'll be helping her host that day. It sounds like the weather will be perfect, so come on out and enjoy the gardens with us!


Sue said...

I just love garden walks---they're a treasure trove of great ideas. Some people are so creative!

Rebecca said...

ooooh! Thrilled to read this! We went to Buffalo last week & saw front yards. In looking over some Buffalo reports from last year's walk, I saw YOUR blog, found you, and hope to get to Van Wert Saturday! I'm very excited.

Alan Moore said...

Sounds like it'll be a great day. Here in the UK we have garden open days in many villages where people can have a look at what the neighbours have been doing all year! They're great for getting ideas and inspiration.

Betty819 said...

I have no idea where Van Wert, Ohio is located; never been to Ohio but these garden tours are such a delight, it makes me want to find out more about when they have these tours or if they have anything like that locally where I live. What a great way to spend a nice day!

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