Sunday, September 23, 2007

25 - 50 - 75

No, that's not the formula for fertilizer. It signifies a very special occurrence in our family this month. There are three of us that have birthdays within a two-week time period. Jenna's is the 13th, mine is the 19th, and my dad's is the 27th. So, it's not only three of us in the same family, but also three generations.

But that's not all. This year Jenna is 25, I'm 50, and Dad will be 75. Now how many times does this ever happen? Not often, I'll bet, and that's why Mom decided we should celebrate it with a party. That means fun, because Mom throws great parties.

Today was a gorgeous fall day, nearly perfect, and by the time the party started at 5:30, the stew was cooking over the fire while Mom laid out a banquet of yummy eats. In addition to the stew, there was chili, numerous salads including my personal favorite - apple salad, a relish tray, cherry cobbler, fried apples and of course, cake.

Mom did all the food herself, except for the cakes, which Adam's aunt made. She had also made the cake for Kara and Adam's wedding last year.

Mom had arranged for white tents over the driveway where tables were set up. There were tables in the garage, too. Since we were also celebrating Dad's official retirement from Herbert E. Orr Company, this was a good-sized party, with about 100 people attending.

At 7:00, the entertainment arrived. Rob Pond, a local talent and illusionist, treated us all to a wonderful and amazing performance of magic. He got the audience involved as well, and it was just a great time.

Thanks, Mom, for making this milestone birthday for each of us an event we will look back on with smiles. You're the best!


Gina said...

kylee - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! What an awesome thing to be able to celebrate with your family like this. I remember, the year I turned 22, my dad turned 44 within the same week and boy did I let him have it. All week long I made sure to say "CAN YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE EXACTLY TWICE MY AGE????"

kate said...

Now that is an incredible event... all three birthdays 25 years' apart. I doubt that happens very often in a family. You all look great in the picture with your own special t-shirts. The picture of your mum and you is great! You look way too young to be 50! What a wonderful party it must have been. Thank you for sharinig! I'd have enjoyed watching the illusionist in action.

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Congrats Kylee. What a wonderful way to celebrate each one's birthday together. You are so lucky to have such a fabulous Mother.

Anonymous said...

Kylee what an awesome family you have....happy birthday to all three of you :)

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