Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inniswood Metro Gardens

Traveling to Columbus is normally about a two-hour trip to the northwest side, but it doesn't seem to take that long when you're riding in the car with my mom. It's debatable as to who can out-talk whom, but I think my mom has a slight edge over me. In any case, it makes the trip go very fast and we were there in no time.

Earlier in the week, I had e-mailed Tracy DiSabato, inquiring about visiting her gardens, Hiddenhaven, located near Columbus. Again, this was on the same tour the Master Gardeners were taking that Mom didn't get signed up for. We both wanted to see her gardens and meet Tracy in the worst way. She had replied to my e-mail yesterday to invite us to come along with the Master Gardeners when they were to visit on Friday afternoon. Woo hoo!

So we stopped at Tuttle Crossing as we got to Columbus and purchased Tracy's books so she could autograph them when we visited. I was familiar with Tracy and her works, but hadn't yet purchased her books, nor had Mom.

Quick stops were also made at Oakland Nursery , Baker's Village Garden Center, and Cedarbrook Garden Center. Next to Baker's was Morgan House, and we ate our lunch here. There are three floors to their gift shop and it was too much fun browsing the goodies while waiting for our table.

We both managed to escape that place without parting with more money than the price of our lunches, but we liked the ghost we saw just outside the entrance.

We'd planned to visit Inniswood Metro Gardens with a friend of Mom's, who lived near them and used to work there. We picked Eleanor up at her house and drove to Inniswood to see not only the fabulous gardens, but the Big Bugs. Mom and I had both been to the 123-acre gardens previously, but it had been quite a few years ago, so it was pretty much like seeing them for the first time.

The Innis sisters, Grace and Mary, bequeathed their 37-acre estate to Columbus Metro Parks in 1972 in order to preserve their gardens for the enjoyment of others. And I'm glad they did. Mom, Eleanor and I had a wonderful time leisurely strolling through the gardens.

There are several:

Rose Garden

This time of year, there usually aren't that many roses in bloom, but I do remember being here before and seeing the colonnade in full bloom, and it's impressive. Still, there were a few putting on a bit of a show of late season bloom.

Herb Garden

This might be my favorite part of the gardens. The texture and design looks just right to me.

There are perennials dotted here and there for color, a water feature, statuary, and the pathways meander through in a way that allows you to see everything this garden has to offer.

Rock Garden

Here is the perfect garden waterfall and there's a bench for sitting nearby so you can relax, reflect and take in the serene beauty of the rock gardens.

The Secret Garden

Here is my second favorite place.

Children will love it here and if you bring yours, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time here.

You won't mind though, because the charm of the labyrinth, which tells a story as you walk it . . .

the grotto, with its fountains and maze corridors . . .

and the tree house . . .

. . . all call on the child in each of us. Can I change my mind? This is my favorite part of the gardens.

Sisters Garden

This part of the gardens was opened in 2002 and mimics a typical prairie homestead.

And of course there were THE BUGS! Eight of them were showcased throughout the gardens:



Praying Mantis





Assassin Bug

Other images from Inniswood:

Fall-blooming Crocus





Dahlia 'Tahiti Sunrise'

Girl in Herb Garden

Unknown (Anyone know??)

Japanese Lantern

Mom and I had a great time with Eleanor. It had been a little while since she and Mom had seen each other and I know it was 32 years since I had seen her and her husband, Dick. They had attended our wedding in 1975, but I would have recognized her anywhere. I'm sure I've changed more than she has, since I was 17 when I got married and will celebrate my 50th birthday next Wednesday. (Ouch!)

We took Eleanor back home and said our goodbyes, then headed to our hotel, the Baymont Inn near The Ohio State University campus. We were ready for some rest, since we not only had had a full day, but had more of the same planned for the next two.


Bob said...

What a beautiful and fun gardens. It sounds like a great trip.
all the best, and if I read correctly happy birthday!

Mamma Sarah said...

Just saw your pics on the Blogger Play and thought your photos of the garden were beautiful! I'm from Ohio and we originally wanted to get married here. Thanks for sharing your photos. Stop over and check my blog out. :-)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

What fun and neat trip with your mom! I think it would be so much fun to take a trip and just tour gardens, especially Inninswood. What a lovely place.

Kylee Baumle said...

Bob ~ Thanks! My birthday isn't until Wednesday. I'm not celebrating until I have to! LOL!

Mamma Sarah ~ I didn't know about Blogger Play! That's fun! I'll check out your blog for sure. Thanks for visiting mine!

Robin ~ Oh, Mom and I take lots of garden trips and I blog about them, of course. There will be more forthcoming about this trip, so stay tuned! This was such a jam-packed three days and we had a wonderful time!

Muum said...

I have so enjoyed your pics. I do miss Columbus!

Wayne Stratz said...

searched your site for posts on herbs and found one cool assassin bug!

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