Monday, March 10, 2008

Road Trip to Indy

Tomorrow, Mom and I are heading down to Indianapolis for the Flower and Patio Show. It will be our first visit to this particular show. Though we attended the Fort Wayne Home and Garden Show last week, we're still in a state of garden deprivation, so we're looking forward to seeing what Indianapolis has to offer. Lisa of Greenbow has given us a nice preview.

It's doubtful that the show will take an entire day to see, so I'm soliciting suggestions as to what else in the area we might want to take in. Garden centers? Nurseries? Botanical Gardens? Something else that might be of interest? We'll be passing by Anderson and Muncie as well, so maybe those cities have something to offer at this time of year, too.


REMINDER: Today is the last day to qualify for the book giveaway by posting a comment to the giveaway post. I will randomly choose a winner at 9:00 EDT tonight.

CONGRATULATIONS to CJ of The Rustic Garden, winner of the book! CJ, please e-mail me through my profile to let me know where I can send your book!


garden girl said...

No suggestions I'm afraid, as I've only been to Indy once, and that was for the 500. Just wanted to pop in and say I hope you have a wonderful time with your mom!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I can't wait to see your impression of the IFP Show. Did you look at the link so you know where some of the displays are? I think that would be helpful. I didn't have a map of the layout that would also be helpful. Going during the week will be helpful with it not being so crowded. At least I hope that for you. Have fun!

Thanks for the link too. :)

Maybe Carol can tell you where to look at those African Violets she got. They are so pretty.

You could go to the White River Gardens which is right by the Indy Zoo. It is a small but very nice garden.

Carol Michel said...

I don't know if you will see this before you head down to Indy. If you have time, the White River Gardens might nice to visit.

I got the African violets at a one day show at Garfield Park Conservatory, so that may not be worth a stop on this trip.

As for garden centers, they'll be pretty deserted this time of year. Most of the big ones have displays/booths at the flower and patio show and take a lot of their goodies with them to sell there.

Enjoy the visit!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Randy said...

Have a good trip! Take lottts of pretty pictures.:-)

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Sounds like fun that Flower and Patio show. Hope you two had a great time. Do tell us all about it! ;-)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

this may be too late, but I'm surprised Carol didn't mention the Garfield Park Conservatory just south of downtown. It's a great little place to visit.

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