Friday, March 21, 2008

Sultry. Intriguing. Hypnotic.

Orchids. Who doesn't love them? The fascinating shapes and colors are surpassed only by their exotic scent. Walk into a room that has merely one or two in bloom and your reaction is likely to utter, "Mmmmm..."

I've got a new magenta phalaenopsis in bloom right now, supposedly 'Wedding Promenade', but I don't think that's what it is, because mine is spotted. 'Wedding Promenade' is not. In any case, it's an orchid, it's blooming, and that's good enough for me.

Orchid blooms last a pretty long time as flowers go, with most of them holding onto their flowers for several months at a time. My phalaenopsis will then go without flowers for a year or more and while I wish they bloomed more often, they're worth the wait.

I recently found a new way to enjoy the exotic fragrance of orchids year 'round. Bath & Body Works has a new scent in their Signature Collection called 'Enchanted Orchid.' It's not too strong and not too sweet, just like the real thing. I wore just the lotion to work on Wednesday and one of my co-workers complimented me on it as she passed by me.

It's available in anti-bacterial hand soaps, body lotion, body cream, body butter, shower gel, hand cream, body splash, and eau de toilette. You can scent a room with its orchidy goodness, too, because it's available for their Wallflowers plug-in room deodorizer, scented candles, and home fragrance oil for use in their tea light oil warmers.

Bath & Body Works describes the scent as "
Calypso orchids enhanced by elusive violets and delicate white irises."



Jane O' said...

I can almost smell the lotions. And it's a beautiful color too, but it sure wouldn't look good on my bathroom counter. The color clash would be blinding.

Diana said...

Kylee - great post. What a creative idea. Sometimes I wonder if my brain dump posts are interesting to anyone but me. I love to read all the interesting perspectives others have in blog-land. And I like to shop at Bath and Body Works - they have so many wonderful scents. My personal favorite is grapefruit. As for the orchids ... I have been trying to have willpower and not start a new "hobby" that is as much work as orchids. I've killed several in the past, and I was really trying. They had hundreds of them in Costco (of all places!) last week, and I just turned my head and walked on by. I'd rather enjoy yours and let mine stay in the store where it will get to live :-)

Amy Urquhart said...

Orchids are my "scary plant." I'm not sure I could grow them!

Playing in the Dirt

Anonymous said...

omg, I LOVE this scent. I just bought the lotion, gel, soap and body splash!

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