Saturday, March 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day - March 2008

I thought for sure we'd have something blooming outside by the time the March version of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day rolled around, but we don't. The crocus aren't even showing any color in their buds yet and the daffodils and tulips are up a couple of inches, but no sign of flowers there either.

However, the amaryllis inside have kept me flower happy, especially the one new one that I purchased this year, 'Solomon.' It's the most luscious shade of reddish orange and reminds me of those species hippeastrums I saw in Florida.

Last summer, as my amaryllises were "oversummering" in the ground, 'San Remo' surprised me and bloomed. That made me wonder what it would do this winter after I'd brought it in for the winter. Well, it bloomed, that's what it did!

'Apple Blossom' is still in bloom, as is 'La Paz.' I've got a few other amaryllis putting up flower stalks that will bloom in another week or so. The three kalanchoes are still blooming, but the two whiter ones are nearly finished, while the yellow one is still going strong. I've got an orchid that's ready to pop a flower and I'm anxious to see what it looks like since it was merely spiking when I bought it. The African Violets are still in bloom, and so are two of the abutilons.

Abutilon pictum 'Thompsonii'

I'm going to say what I said last month at this time - when the next Garden Bloggers Bloom Day rolls around
maybe I'll have some outside blooms to show.


kate smudges said...

Your Amaryllis blooms are gorgeous ... as is the Aubutilon. I'd be most happy having these in bloom. They are lovely.

By mid- next month, I'm not sure anything will be blooming here. We're still buried under snow.

Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous blooms -- even if they're not outside, I think they're terrific! There will be outside flowers blooming soon enough...

Aiyana said...

Great photos. I especially like San Remo, #2.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, Kylee - with indoor blooms like these amazing amaryllis, it seems almost superfluous to have any outdoors. I know, I's not the same. Your time (and your spring) will come!

You know, the top amaryllis photo looks especially good with the cardinal picture you have there too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Love your indoor blooms Kylee. At least you had some blooms to show. It sure helps to make it through the long winters having blooms indoors.

Unknown said...

Ooooh... do you think abutilon propagate well from cuttings? If so, I'll share my a. megapotanicum for you a. pictum 'Thompsonii'!!! That's beautiful, and I love the spots on the leaves. :)

Kylee Baumle said...

Kate ~ I got my amaryllis potted up later than usual, but it's turned out to be serendipitous since our spring seems to be arriving so late, too.

Genie ~ Yes, you're right! I walked outside today and there are flower buds! (Snowdrops)

Aiyana ~ Thanks! I really love having these blooming inside when I'm craving blooms of any kind!

Nan ~ Thanks! Yes, these are allowing me to keep what sanity I have left until spring has really sprung!

Lisa ~ Oh, I'd go bonkers without any blooms inside!

Kim ~ It's worth a try! I actually have an A. megapotanicum, but it's not looking so hot right now. Let's see if we can do it and we'll make a trade! My 'Thompsonii' is rather large so there's plenty to try a cutting or two. I'll make a cutting this week and keep you posted!
By the way, you probably already know this, but the spots on 'Thompsonii' are caused by a mosaic virus. Intentional, and it can spread to other abutilons if they're grown nearby. While it's a virus, it's not harmful to the plant.

Shady Gardener said...

Don't feel bad about not having outdoor blooms... I hardly have indoor blooms! ;-) At any rate, I've found 4 little golden crocus during these past 2 days. Yea!
But, by Next Sunday, I may have an amaryllis blooming!!!

growingagardenindavis said...

You certainly have an abundance of beautiful indoor blooms!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Your indoor blooms are gorgeous. Just focus on them and before you know it, everything will be blooming outside as well.

Frances, said...

Kylee, those are magnificent blooms, Solomon is my favorite color, but all are wonderful, as are your photos. I want to ask you about the abutilon, do you prune it back to keep it from getting so tall? This is the first year we brought ours inside to winter over in the greenhouse and they have done well, but are so tall. We plan to keep them in pots during the summer also, any advice there, feeding, siting, pruning? Thanks.

Ki said...

The apple blossom looks quite spectacular! Interesting that the abutilon blooms at this time of year. I wonder if it does in its native location?

Nancy J. Bond said...

Lovely blooms, all of them. I do love the bright orange amaryllis though!

Kylee Baumle said...

Shady Gardener ~ Yay, crocus! And isn't it exciting when the amaryllis start opening? Once they pop the seal holding them closed, it's like you can almost watch them unfurl.

Leslie ~ Thanks, Leslie. It's a major help when we're at this time of the winter and wishing it were over!

Sherry ~ I found a surprise as we were walking outside yesterday. Not a bloom, but close!

Frances ~ Abutilons respond very well to pruning, but I have never done that while they're overwintering inside. They're fairly heavy feeders and as you've probably found, they like to be kept moist. When I have mine outside, they are on the outer edge of our patio, under the pergola. It's on the east side of the house, so they do get morning sun, some of which gets filtered through a large oak tree. So, they don't get direct sun very much of the time.

Ki ~ Abutilons will bloom all year round if they've got enough light and food. I've never investigated its habit in its native country. Some are from South America. They're related to our native buttonweed.

Nancy ~ Isn't that a pretty one? :-)

Tira said...

The abutilons are lovely, and reminds me of hibiscus. I also like the willows-great that you got plants, too, from the cuttings.

Kerri said...

I'm glad you have those wonderful blooms to help you through these last seemingly never-ending days of winter. Both the amaryllis are glorious and that's a gorgeous abutilon. I love those speckled leaves. Mine stopped blooming quite a while ago, but it has new growth and is looking healthy since I got rid of the aphids.

Priscilla George said...

Wonderful Amaryllis blooms. Sadly the one bulb I bought did not produce a flower stalk at all. I've never heard of Abutilon! What interesting speckled foliage and wonderful blooms.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Kylee you are the Amaryllis queen! What a lovely contribution to GBBD. Your abutilon looks very pretty too, they are such good plants to have.

I'm sure that next time you will have lots of outdoor blooms to show!

Anonymous said...

Your amaryllis is really pretty, though they always remind me of Christmas (that's when I have them indoors). The ones I've planted outdoors have never bloomed again though.

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