Monday, October 27, 2008

What's the Status of Little Miss Monarch?

Because some of you asked...

Little Miss Monarch is still residing in our dining room and seems to be doing well. She's fairly active I think, because every time I go in there to check on her, she's in a different spot.

She's so cute - when I put my finger in front of her, she'll walk right onto it and let me carry her around the room. Sometimes she'll fly off, but she always comes back to me, usually landing on my arm or shoulder. When I put her down, I set her next to the food and water I've provided.

Up until about an hour ago, I hadn't seen her sipping anything, but when I went in there this last time, she was sipping from the orange slices. She wasn't anywhere near this when I'd checked on her earlier in the evening, so I think she knows where her food is now.

Shady Gardener wondered if I had any fresh blossoms from which she might get nectar and unfortunately, the killing frosts we've had in the last week have done in nearly everything. But I did have a couple of plants that I'd brought in for the winter that still have blossoms on them, so I put those in the room and gently placed her on one of them.

I've got tropical hibiscus blooming as well as a pelargonium ('Red Happy Thought'). The big brugmansia is done blooming now, but I've got another smaller one that has new blossoms forming.

Hopefully, the break in the weather that is predicted for later this week will be a reality and we can attempt to release her again and she will take off for Mexico. We're to have a few days in a row of weather that's sunny and around 60°, starting Thursday. Today and tonight, we've had snow mixed with rain, so I feel good that she's safe and warm here inside.

I called The Butterfly House earlier today and I got a recording that they are closed for the season. So I'm hoping Indian Summer will be a reality and she'll be able to get far enough south to get out of any more cold weather and that she'll meet up with some other late-goers so she doesn't have to make the trip all by her lonesome.

Geesh, I feel like she's one of my kids. She came in as a caterpillar, transformed into a chrysalis, and metamorphosed into a butterfly - just like our two girls did in this very same house. All three were fascinating and beautiful to watch as they went through the stages of growing up. The girls are now successful adults, living the lives they were meant to have, and I want no less for Little Miss Monarch.

I'll post another update after Thursday when we make another attempt at a safe release.


Gail said...

Thank you for posting I was wondering about her! She is a little beauty! gail

Kylee Baumle said...

Gail ~ I can't stop looking at her, because she's just so perfect!

Sky said...

this sounds like a little miracle - that she has this safe haven and is waiting happily until her ship sails!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

We will all be hoping for warmer weather.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

She is sooo beautiful Kylee I just love your photo and miss Monarch./ LOL Tyra

F Cameron said...

Awww...such a sweet little girl! I can tell you're attached to her. I do hope all the best for her. You must continue your updates (with photos, of course). Cameron

Shady Gardener said...

Kylee, I know that people band monarchs. Could you do that? Might there be a way to track her progress? Could you tell if she fed from your flowers? I'm so glad you had some!!

Unknown said...

Am still keeping my fingers crossed for Miss Monarch... but it looks like you're doing well by her, Kylee. :)

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