Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Heart Dirt and You Can Too!

It always makes me proud, somehow, when I find out that a great business is located in my home state of Ohio. I'm a born and raised Ohioan, otherwise known as a Buckeye, and I'm proud of it. Ohio has produced some wonderful people, some of them famous.

You know those Wright brothers - Orville and Wilbur - who are credited with flying the first airplane. Ohio has produced eight of our presidents: Garfield, McKinley, Harding, Taft, Cleveland, Hayes, Grant, and Benjamin Harrison.

There's Neil Armstrong, who's the first man to step foot on the moon, and Paul Newman, who only got better looking as he got older.

We're home to not only people, but businesses that are notable. The first matchbook was manufactured in Barberton by the Diamond Match Company (1896). Smucker's started making jams and jellies in Orrville in 1897. Etch A Sketch was first manufactured in 1960 in Bryan by the Ohio Art Company. Bob Evans Restaurants got their start in Rio Grande in 1962.

And then there's
Troy-Bilt, based in Cleveland. As gardeners, we're familiar with the company's products and many of us use them on a regular basis. They have a reputation for producing high quality equipment, to which I can attest, and they've also got a great sense of humor.

Take these t-shirts shown below, for instance:

No really. Take them.

One is size medium and one is size large, and I'm giving them away, courtesy of Troy-Bilt. They're made of super soft organic cotton and have Troy-Bilt's logo on the upper back (it's small). To win one of these shirts, just leave a comment here, telling me which Troy-Bilt product you'd most like to have and which size t-shirt you'd prefer. You can see their line of products on their

Then at midnight EDT on Saturday, June 27th, I'll randomly choose two winners from those who have left comments. The first one chosen will get a shirt in the size they prefer and the second winner will get the other one.
Enter now and good luck!

Oh, and here's another bit of Ohio trivia, with which you can astound your friends and neighbors: The first automobile accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio in 1891. I've been by the crash site many times, since Ohio City is half an hour from here.


Ewa said...

Kylee you give away t-shirts? I'd love to have one :) maybe m size would be better for me :)
wish u great Sunday.

Jim said...

You spelled my name wrong. It's "Jim", not "Paul".

Randy M. said...

Kylee, you have such a wonderful blog. I always look forward to it, so charming, thoughtful and well written.

My fantasy Troybilt? Mustang RZT 50" Zero-Turn Riding Lawn Mower. My present mower is 14 years old. It is hard to start and sputters like the dickens until it gets warmed up. (But after about 5 minutes, Dan works just fine.)

Chiot's Run said...

I too love Ohio! You forgot to mention that Kitchenaid is based in Ohio. In 1924 Hobart's Troy Metals subsidiary was renamed the KitchenAid Manufacturing Company, and its headquarters were set up in Dayton, Ohio. Another quality produce from good old Ohio.

TC said...

The only thing I know about Ohio is that it has a very long stretch of boring interstate (I-71S) highway that I traverse on my way to Kentucky. Now that I've read this, the next time I'm on my way south, I'll randomly choose an exit off I-71 somewhere in Ohio and see what I can see! (Daggone it! if a buttered biscuit with some Smucker's Strawberry Jam don't sound good right now! Wonder if they give away free jam when you tour their factory??)

As for the Troy-Bilt stuff, I know they make quality machines and I've always wanted one of their chipper/shredders.

One more thing, drive safe! ;~P

(In case I win, I wear an XL.)

Donje said...

Ohioans are fun people! My mother in law is from Ohio and she is always thinking of clever things and has a great garden. She's there now! My dream Troy-Bilt is the Electric Cultivator. I borrowed my mother in law's but we had to take it back and now I want one! I'm @mrsdelputnam from twitter if I win!

Donje said...

I want the Electric Cultivator. We borrowed my mother in law's (who is from, and actually in Ohio as we speak) and we had to give it back and I miss it. I'd want the Medium T-shirt and I am @ mrsdelputnam on twitter if I win!!!

Gail said...

What a fun giveaway! I don't need anything! Just want to say hello support my friend! gail

MK said...

The garden cart is on my wish list. My wheelbarrow should have retired many years ago:) Size large, if you please.

TC- Take I 71, exit 25 & head over to Marvin's Organic Gardens on Rt 42 in Lebanon for a nice garden side trip.

Connie said...

I love dirt, too.

Unknown said...

I have been enjoying your blog for years, green w/enevy when you have flowers up in the spring and there is still four ft. of snow.

Love the garden show/tour entries, thanks for bringing us along. I purchased ethel gloves based on your review and guess what, I love dirt! If choosen, a size large would be great.

Louise Hartwig said...

I just met Barbara, the rep from Troybilt,SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO charming,at Garden Blogger Spring Fling.Troybilt in my opinion,is the Cadillac of garden equipment. My dream is to have an edger and a weed trimmer for our Childrens Garden In Van Wert.If I should win the shirt I will wear it when working in the garden. Clever giveaway. Any size will do.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Well, after reading this post I certainly know lots more about Ohio. BTW I never knew that Paul was from Ohio. The things you learn on this blog. ;-)

I see that I'm in time to join the fun that is a give-away. I'd like a size M, not that I'll be winning one, I never do. :-D

Kylee Baumle said...

And we have two winners! The Random Number Generator chose numbers 9 and 11, so the winners are MK and Mayapple! MK gets the choice of size (large), so Mayapple, I hope the size medium will work for you.

Please contact me through my profile page with your mailing address so I can send your shirts to you!

Congratulations, and thanks to Troy-Bilt for providing the shirts and thanks to all who entered!

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