Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Is There a Doctor in the House?

I had my yearly doctor's appointment today. That's always fun. No, really, it isn't too bad, because I really like the Nurse Practitioner that I see there. She's like your best girlfriend, but a lot smarter. I know this, because when she looked at my routine blood work results, she knew that I'm a junk food junkie. (If she only really knew...)

She also knew why my left ear has been plugged for the last two weeks. Ear wax. UGH. I kind of thought that might be the case, but she produced tangible evidence. Now I have to put drops in my ear and go back in two weeks to have it flushed out. No problem. Anything so I don't have to walk around like my head's underwater anymore.

My plants need to see a doctor, too. Several weeks ago I noticed spots on the leaves of several plants. Teeny tiny round brown dots.

They look like they got hit with buckshot.

I looked around to see if I could find out what's literally bugging them, but the only thing I could see was a striped beetle that reminds me a bit of a lightning bug, but not quite. By the way, we saw our first lightning bug the evening of June 19, which is right on schedule. Usually they appear for the first time right around the first day of summer, which this year was June 21st.

So... about those spots. I found them on the Rudbeckia, Gaillardia, Veronica, and Oregano, just to name a few.

Does anyone have a clue as to what's going on here? Insect, fungus, bacteria?

And while we're at it, what would make my Rosa 'Senior Prom' have leaves like this?


Anonymous said...

I have no idea what's causing all these spots but I sure hope we don't get it here. The black ones especially look terrible. Kinda makes you wonder if plants find them painful.

Diana said...

Kylee -- I wish I knew, but I'm afraid I can't be of help. But I'm glad you can hear again -- that's a good thing!

Andy said...

Unfortunately I cannot give you an accurate assessment of what is causing the spots on your ornamentals. Insect looks like a soldier beetle, but that's one of the good guys--wouldn't be causing those spots. I'll forward your blog on and see what others think.

Kylee Baumle said...

snarkyvegan ~ I'm concerned, because it's so widespread in the garden. We're in a garden walk in a little over a month and if this keeps up, everything will look just awful! :-(

Diana ~ Actually, I can't hear yet. I have to use these drops and then go in in a couple of weeks for them to flush my ears out. I've had it done before and it feels good. THEN it will be great to hear again! :-)

Andy ~ Thanks, Andy. I first noticed it a few weeks ago, but it was only on the Gaillardia. It's pretty widespread - not just in one section of the gardens, but scattered throughout. Pretty soon, I'll be ready to just chop it all down and let them start over!

Chiot's Run said...

The first plant looks like it's the work of a four-lined plant bug. That's what mine look like when I see them on certain plants.

Chiot's Run said...

here's a photo of a four-lined plant bug, have you spotted these about your gardens?


here's some info:


Anonymous said...

I just noticed the same black spots on the geraniums I was cutting back tonight. I clipped the affected leaves and know I've seen this before. I suspect a fungus because we've been VERY wet here and now temps have risen. S.E. Michigan

Olive Branch said...

All of the plants you mentioned often have problems with fungus. I am not enough of an expert to give you an accurate diagnosis though.

Kylee Baumle said...

Chiot's Run ~ I've not seen any bugs like that, but when I read the description, it sure sounds like this is the culprit. I'm going to go out tomorrow and see if I can see any like that. Sounds like they will run their course very soon, if that's what's doing it.

Thank you for the info!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

So glad there is an answer for your bug issues. Very frustrating.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi Kylee, looks like your rose is not getting all the nutrients it needs. What kind of feed do you give it and how often? I feed mine twice a year, once in March after pruning and again around the middle to the end of June after a bit of a trim. I give my roses organic dried cow dung pellets and they thrive on it.

Hopefully you will be unplugged soon. ;-)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am sure finding those spots in your garden is as annoying as clogged ears. I hope a plant dr reads this and gives you a correct diagnosis.

Cathy S. said...

Looks like fungus, I think you can get an anti-fungus spray. I had that a few years ago and seemed to stop after I sprayed all the flowers.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I have this going on in my garden on the bee balm and Gaillardia. I've seen the same beetle on my affected plants and I think it is the cucumber beetle. They do this to my zinnias too.

Connie said...

In that second to last photo, it looks like my plants do after flea beetle damage.

Kylee Baumle said...

Anonymous in Michigan ~

Olive Branch ~ I'm not ruling fungus out just yet.

Janet ~ Since I can't find the culprit, I'm not sure if I have found a solution, but it looks like Chiot's Run might be right. We'll see!

Yolanda Elizabet ~ If it's that, then why would only one of my roses look like that? I've got over 25 roses, and this is the only one that looks like this. It started out first thing this spring with the yellow blotches. Other than the color, the leaves look fairly healthy and the plant itself is growing and blooming fine. I feed my roses with a Bayer product. Can't think of the name of it right now. I fed them in the spring when they first started to grow and will continue every 4-6 weeks until mid-August.

In the past, I was REALLY bad about feeding them (as in, I just didn't do it), but this year, I've been doing it and WOW...what a difference in number of blooms! The 'Lavaglut' is putting out whole bouquets on each stem! It's truly an amazing thing to see!

Yes, I'll be happy to hear well again!

Lisa ~ Yep! Both are annoying!

Cathy ~ I sprayed with Neem oil earlier today. Not sure that will help whatever it is, but let's hope!

Robin ~ Isn't it frustrating, Robin? So far, the bee balm isn't affected, but the Gaillardias sure are. The zinnias are fine.

Connie ~ I went out and really tried to see if I could find the darn bugs and I can't find any! They're very sneaky.

Wayne Stratz said...

the black spots, may be "black spot" never ID it for sure but it got in my oregano at the school. plant came back beautiful each spring then developed the spots. The bed was done in when it was weedwacked by a maintenance dude once which led to weeds over taking the oregano, but by then it had popped up in another bed...

Cindy, MCOK said...

Kylee, I'm finally getting a chance to read some of the Spring Fling Bloggers who were new to me. I think the problem with your rose is Rose Mosaic Virus. If you Google it, I believe you'll agree. As for the other spots, tho, I'm clueless!

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