Saturday, November 19, 2011

2011 Tapestry of Tables, Symphony of Trees

Each year, since 2001, the community of Napoleon, Ohio, has opened the Christmas season with its Tapestry of Tables. In 2002, they added the Symphony of Trees to the celebration. Area businesses and individuals decorate Christmas trees and tables, with viewing open to the public.

On Saturday of the celebration, a luncheon at the tables is held, with a live auction of donated items, with proceeds going to three charities: the Henry County Hospital, the Henry County Court Appointed Special Advocate (“CASA”)/Guardian ad Litem (“GAL”) Program, and the Center for Child and Family Advocacy, benefiting the children of Northwest Ohio.  Last year, they raised $18,000.

Daughter Kara participated in the decorating of a table last year, when Mom and I attended, and again this year, when the theme was "Let it Snow."  The decorated trees were around the perimeter of the room, with the festive tables in the center. When the public viewing ended, we enjoyed a delicious luncheon of chicken breast with cranberry sauce, green beans and almonds, wild rice pilaf, rolls, and cheesecake.

Moss Rocks!
A vendor's area is situated in one corner of the room and I looked forward to seeing what items they had for sale, as I found a few unique items there last year. The first thing I saw was a display of Moss Rocks!, the brainchild of David Spain and Ken Gergle, of Moss & Stone Gardens™ in North Carolina, and recently featured on The Martha Stewart Show. Mom and I had met David in Chicago at the Independent Garden Center Show where the rocks made their debut.

The tables were beautiful, as were the trees, but the one that impressed me the most was a tree that was made of part tree and part table. The bottom half of the tree was indeed part of an artificial Christmas tree, acting as a base for a glass-top table. On the table was a large pot containing another smaller section of the tree, with a large blown glass ornament as a tree topper. Wrapped presents were sitting on the glass table. All the components put together gave the overall image of a tree, but much more intriguing.


Here are a few of my favorite tables:

This pheasant-themed table seemed more like a Thanksgiving table,
but I liked it just the same.

Various kinds of Christmas candy in containers served as the centerpiece.
This table actually smelled minty!

This popular table depicted tea time in a fairy garden.

Nostalgia reigned at our table, with its authentic vintage Christmas cards
and decorations, including "The Elf on the Shelf."

This New Year's table was fun and the seated guests wore "Happy New
Year" head bands.

For more photos of trees and tables, view the slide show below:

Events like this really help to get me in the Christmas spirit, not just because the decorations are so festive, but because some will have a little bit better Christmas this year because of the charity of others.

Three generations


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a great way to kick start the holiday season. Some wonderful table settings. They are an inspiration.

Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand said...

Wonderful shares here Kylee those Moss Rocks are so cute but I love the bottom picture the best 3 generations! Happy Holidays my your Thanksgiving day be filled with warmth and love <|;-) Annie

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