Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with Four Generations of Family

I like Thanksgiving the best of all holidays. I like other ones too, but Thanksgiving is the front runner. This year gave us an especially good thing to be thankful for. My grandma, who will be 97 the day after Christmas, has had a rough couple of months. At one point, we didn't think we'd celebrate another Thanksgiving with her. Ever.

But she is doing better and she got to come to our house to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family, as she usually does each year. She looked forward to this, not only to be with the family, but because she knew she'd get to see her cat, Abby.

Abby has her own story to tell. We've discovered the entire tale of her past, thanks to Janet Saltzman of the Great Lakes Bengal Rescue helping to put the pieces together. In a little less than 10 years, Abby has been moved 13 times. Considering that my grandma had her for four of those years, that means she was moved 12 times in six years. No wonder Abby has some behavioral quirks!

But Abby is living the life of a Conservatory Cat now and loving it. This makes Grandma happy - "You should bake a pie and take it to that vet for refusing to put Abby to sleep." - and the rest of us, too.  Abby has settled right in and accepted us as her surrogate parents, content to lay in our laps, "talking" to us (what a motormouth!),  and giving us affectionate head butts.

We brought Abby into the house so Grandma could see her and hold her and while Abby seemed to be a little stressed with so many people around, she cuddled up to Grandma and they got to spend a little time together.

It was a good day.


Annie Haven | Authentic Haven Brand said...

Thank you Kylee for sharing those pictures are priceless and the ones with her and her cat well there just aren't words it's all in her eyes and those of her cat too <|;-)

Arbor and Vine said...

Thanks so much for sharing the small, truly meaningly parts of your holiday Kylee! I can definetly see why your grandmother is such a treasure. The photos were wonderful! Blessings to you, Abby and of course, your family :-) Kathy

Tom Mann said...

Thanks for sharing, Kaylee. Your story brought back many happy memories.

Tom - @SolakNC

Rose said...

Oh, Kylee, this is so precious! How wonderful that your Grandmother got to spend the holiday with you and your family and was reunited with her special friend Abby. I'm sure you brought so much happiness to her. This is what the holiday spirit is all about.

Amy Junod said...

Awe. That's just the sweetest! What an awesome Thanksgiving.

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