Friday, November 11, 2011

Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast

Our chickens have been laying eggs for us since September 20th and earlier this week, we got our 100th egg. Not all of the eight hens have begun to lay; two of them are still holding out, but we're getting more than enough eggs to keep us well supplied.

We got another giant egg on Tuesday.

This was the second time for this and both contained two yolks. It's fairly common when hens first begin to lay.

One egg, two yolks

Many of the eggs end up in the pan, scrambled. I make them like my mother did and like her mother did before her. What's to scrambling an egg, you say? Ah, there are scrambled eggs and then there are scrambled eggs. No, no peppers, no onions, no cheese. Those would make them akin to an omelet. It's much more simple than that. But it makes all the difference in taste and texture. And anyone who knows Picky Me knows that I'm all about texture (next to taste) when it comes to food.

The secret ingredients? Flour and a little milk. That's it. I don't like wet scrambled eggs. Ick. I'm not sure why the milk is added, but the flour gives the eggs body. Make sure you don't mix it in so much that you can't see it anymore. You want little islands of flour floating in the eggs.

Scrambled Eggs à la Grandma

4 eggs
⅓ cup milk
2-3 T flour
1 T butter

While butter is melting in the skillet, beat the eggs in a mixing bowl. Add milk and flour, making sure you don't beat the flour in too much (see photo above). Pour eggs into skillet and cook slowly until they just start to brown. Salt and pepper to taste.

Remember that eggs continue to cook a little bit after they've been removed from the heat, so if you like your eggs a little less done, don't let them brown.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My, what big eggs you have. The better to scramble them. I put milk in my scrambled eggs but I have never tried flour. hmmmm

Alison said...

I have never heard of adding flour to scrambled eggs. Mine are just eggs and a squirt of half and half, cooked in butter.

Bridget said...

I envy you having Hens. There are too many Mink and Foxes here to keep them safely.

Kylee Baumle said...

Lisa ~ Try it! You might like it! Or you might not. LOL!

Alison ~ Mmmmm... half and half. I'll bet that adds some richness to the flavor!

Bridget ~ Oh, we have plenty of threats to chickens here, too. Foxes, coyotes, hawks... Our coop is secure and we don't let them out of the run unless we're out there with them. I've heard too many stories of killed chickens, so we're playing it safe. :-)

PorridgeAndIce said...

We had your eggs (recipe) this morning. I was convinced that I would love them and my husband would hate them. was the other way around. The texture freaked me out but the husband LOVED them. He can't wait for me to make them with a little cheese. Even my two little guys loved them (normally so picky).

LOL!! Now what am I going to do?? ;-)

Kylee Baumle said...

PorridgeAndIce ~ Looks like you're outnumbered! LOL! Maybe cut back a bit on the amount of flour? I just guesstimated the amount I use and of course I just throw it in, so it's never an exact measurement. Maybe your lumps of flour were a bit too big? Or you mixed it too much? Hard to say, but play around with it and you might find a happy medium! Thanks for letting me know you tried it and what you and your family thought! I love the feedback! :-)

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