Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Atlantic Gardener's Greenbook - A Review

The Atlantic Gardener's Greenbook by Jodi DeLong
published by Saltscapes Publishing Limited in Canada, $17.95

Our fellow garden blogger, Jodi DeLong of bloomingwriter fame, is the author of a book that I recently purchased and read. If you garden or even think you might want to garden, you should read it, too. When I ordered The Atlantic Gardener's Greenbook, I did so in order to see just how Jodi went about writing a book about something I love. But I got more than I bargained for.

Jodi lives in Canning, Nova Scotia, up north in neighboring Canada and gardens there near the Bay of Fundy in zone 5. I garden in zone 5, too, so much of what I read in her book pertains to my experience here in northwest Ohio. But no matter where you garden, there's so much basic gardening information packed into this slim volume that makes it well worth the space it takes up on the bookshelf.

Have you visited Jodi's blog? If so, you know she writes with a smooth sophistication that exudes her warm personality and coupled with her stunning photos, you'll bookmark it so you can return again and again. She writes The Atlantic Gardener's Greenbook in that same engaging style.

Jodi knows her stuff, as well she should, having completed studies in plant science and horticulture at Nova Scotia Agricultural College. And lest you think that sounds stodgy and boring, think again. It gives credence to the wealth of information she stuffs into her book, but she explains everything in a casual way that is easy to understand and implement in your own garden.

Need a gift for the burgeoning gardener on your Christmas list? How about the experienced gardener you know? This will put a smile on both faces when it's unwrapped, then enjoyed all the way through the last page.

I need to say that Jodi didn't ask me to write a review of her book. I am just that impressed with it that I felt compelled to share my opinion. If you're interested in purchasing it, you can do so directly from Jodi (and she'll personalize it if you wish).

Well done, Jodi. Write more books, please.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am with you in that I love the way Jodi writes. I just knew her book would be outstanding. I have her book on my Christmas wish list. I almost hate to wait that long but will try.

Gotta Garden said...

Well, you convinced me! I just went to her website and have sent an email to find out about purchasing it.

I love gardening books...the more, the merrier!!

Unknown said...

Wow, Kylee...This is me blushing. I'm thrilled that you did this. Thank you so much. And yes, I'm working on more books; we'll see what happens over the next few months. I'll keep you posted.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

What a lovely book review and without doubt very much deserved by Jodi. She is an excellent writer and knows her stuff. I'm glad I found her or did she find me? Can't remember, anyway it's always fun to visit her blog. Yours too BTW. ;-)

Have a lovely weekend Kylee!

kate said...

This was a good review of a good gardening book. I bought this several months ago and wrote a review about it - it was in July I think.

Jodi has an engaging writing style and is a font of good info.

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