Sunday, November 11, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday - Sunset Foxglove

Sunset Foxglove (Digitalis obscura)

This little beauty was one of my most recent purchases when Mom and I made our last trip to Cleveland in October. I didn't expect to see any blooms from it this fall, since it normally blooms around June. Surprise! A little more than a week ago, I noticed a bloom stalk and because we were having night temperatures at or below freezing, I was covering it. Then I got lazy and decided not to do that. It didn't matter!

A native of Spain and hardy in zones 5-9, the foliage on this foxglove isn't typical of foxgloves I've had before. You can see it's kind of willow-like and quite dense. It's supposed to be drought-tolerant once established and if we have another summer in 2008 like we did this year, this will be a very good characteristic to have in our garden. It grows in pretty much any soil, too. Tough little shrubby perennial, this one!

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verobirdie said...

Very nice plant, and a good surprise too. I make a note about this one for my garden. Thanks for the tip!

Unknown said...

I love it! I WANT it! Who says you can't get plant-lust in November....? :-)

Sisah said...

Lovely plant, lovely photo. I´ll write the name down for the next season, as I love foxgloves and to have a perennial one in my garden would be nice, the most species I know are biennials.
I always find something interesting on your sites, maybe you'd like to know I found the Echinacea purpurea 'Hearts' I admired once here in your blog-garden on a garden-market in Berlin!
Have a nive GTS

ACey said...

Count me in as somebody else who has put this on my must-have list. I definitely need to find some more plants that are drought resistant, too!

Aiyana said...

Nice photo. I think we have those here--not sure as I've not had any in my garden. The name certainly sounds familiar. Happy GTS,

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I'm like Jodi... now I want it! I have to figure out how to pick one up. It would be perfect if it's drought-tolerant! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Ewa said...

My friend says that plants return love, especially when they bloom at unusual season,

Lynda Lehmann said...

Since I'm not a very good gardener, do you think it would grow in a pot in my livingroom?


Kylee Baumle said...

Thanks for loving my foxglove as much as I do. :-) I added the photo of the entire plant in case you wanted to see that.

Lynda ~ Growing in a pot...hmmm...I haven't seen anywhere that you can do that, but it is a pretty tough plant so maybe even you can grow it outside. ;-)

Online, High Country Gardens and Bluestone Perennials sell the plants and Diane's Flower Seeds and J.L. Hudson Seeds sell the seeds. None of them are expensive.

I found this on one site only: If the first flower stem is left to seed it will be bi-ennial, & die. If that flower stem is taken off, say when half finished, the plant will carry on as a perennial, & grow well to flower the next year or so. However, like most foxgloves, it pays to let it self-seed towards the end of it's 2nd year, as sometimes it will die out. Although classed as a perennial it is better to be prepared for replanting, or try to grow some seed.

Unknown said...

Kylee, I love that unusual form/foliage! You didn't get this one when you were with me, did you? I can't imagine that I wouldn't have picked one up, too if I saw it.

Kylee Baumle said...

Kim ~ No, I didn't buy it at the Strongsville Petitti's. I got it at their Avon location the day before. I don't think I even saw any at the Strongsville store. I love the foliage, too!

Unknown said...

Whew... that makes me feel a little better. I've been wondering how I could have missed out on that cool plant! lol.

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