Friday, November 2, 2007

Make Roses From Maple Leaves

I saw this online last fall and promptly went out and collected quite a stack of beautiful red and yellow maple leaves. I spritzed them with water and put them in an open plastic bag in the refrigerator. I had every intention of trying this neat craft. Just ask Kat - we were going to do it while she was here last October and never got around to it. I threw the leaves out in January sometime.

But this year, I was determined to try it. Tonight, I gathered leaves from the yellow maple tree in our yard and the red one in our neighbor's. What you see in the photo to the right is my first attempt at making roses from maple leaves. Don't look too closely.

I'm not the most handy person when it comes to crafts - that would be my mom's department. I think I could get better at this with more practice though. And larger maple leaves. Larger leaves that don't have such deep lobes. The longer the base of the leaf area is before the lobes split off, the better.

Want to try it? Here are the instructions. Good luck!


Unknown said...

I've never seen these before--they're very clever, but I think most of our maples have gotten away from us...depending on how hard it's raining and blowing in the morning, I will go look for some and try this just for fun. (I don't have that great a crafty gene either, but I'll give it a go...)

min hus said...

This might be a good thing for me to try with my little sister.

I also find it funny that we have the SAME decorator vase! :-) Some wine bottles are too pretty to recycle.

Anonymous said...

That's a nice idea to make roses in this way!! I used to make them with fine paper or satin ribbon. Thank you for sharing (the video is a great help!!).
Have a nice weekend, Kylee!

kate said...

Hi Kylee,
This is a great idea ... I like the look of the roses! I'll have to try it next year, since are leaves are pretty much all gone now.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What beautiful roses. It looks as tho you have done a fine job.

I have never seen this craft before. I definitely want to try it.

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