Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Curious Gardener's Almanac

The Curious Gardener's Almanac: Centuries of Practical Garden Wisdom
(Hardcover - Perigree Books, $16.95)

by Niall Edworthy

If you think you're going to sit down and read this book over the course of a few days, you won't. It's not that you can't, because at 192 five-by-eight-inch pages, it's certainly possible. But that would be a shame. A book like this should be savored like a piece of fine chocolate.

I can only imagine the research required by Mr. Edworthy to create such a compendium of gardening wisdom. It's not merely page after page of this and that, although it is that, too. This book contains just the right amount of quirkiness and humor mixed in with practical gardening advice and basic facts that keeps you coming back for more. Boring it's not! Fun it

Mr. Edworthy is from the U.K. and he imparts what he's included in this book with a British flavor. I found myself charmed by it and after all, the human condition is universal and gardeners everywhere will have no problem gleaning the good stuff from the pages. And it's all good stuff.

This is not just a whimsical look at a gardener's world though. There's a lot of seriously useful information here as well, including recipes and it's chock full of ideas you can try in your own garden. An index and an attached ribbon bookmark complete the package.

Perfect as a gift for both beginning and experienced gardeners alike, The Curious Gardener's Almanac is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Readers will return to it again and again.


The Curious Gardener's Almanac will be released here in the U.S. on Tuesday, November 6. List price is $16.95 and it's worth every penny of that and more, but not only does Amazon have it for $11.53 (32% off), if you order it before the release date, you'll get an additional 5% discount! It's eligible for their Free Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25, too.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tip! It came just in time, as my husband is going to the US next week and can (he has to!) bring it back home to me!!! Buying at Amazon always takes some time and there are shipping costs to Europe! I'm looking forward to having this certainly also "amusing" book!!
Have a nice Sunday!

Muum said...

that looks like a great read. Maybe a way to deal with 'garden withdrawal'

Bob said...

I'll have to check this book out. It sound like a great read. Thanks for the info.
All the best, Bob

Mary said...

Sounds like a great read. I'm going to check it out at Amazon. Thanks for the heads up.

Meems said...

hi kylee,
i know this might sound strange-- since i've been gardening for over 20 years, but i don't read many gardening books. mostly because typically they don't include the wonderful challenges of gardening in florida.

this book sounds like one i'd like to explore. thanks for the review... i am definitely going to take your advice and pre-order from amazon. thanks.

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