Sunday, November 11, 2007

Girls' Day Out

Jenna got a new dog last Saturday - a black Schnorkie born on September 3rd. I'm not a dog person but if I were, I'd be jealous because this little living floor mop is just about the cutest thing ever. Weighing in at a whopping 4.7 pounds, she's a mix between a miniature Schnauzer and a Yorkshire Terrier. And I got to name her.


Last night, Jenna came home with Bella because Romie was going to dogsit. Mom, Kara, Jenna and I had made plans to attend a cat show today. Mom and I had been to two of them before, Kara had gone with us once, and Jenna had never been. Kara came last night too and we spent the evening hanging out and watching cute little Bella do her cute little puppy stuff, like peeing on the floor.

This morning, after stopping at Walmart to fill the van with gas and buy snack crackers and chocolate (provisions, you know), we picked Mom up and headed down 75 in the pouring rain to the 52nd Annual Cat Fanciers Association Cat Show held at Hara Arena in Dayton. What better way to spend a miserable rainy gloomy day? (Well, I did tell Mom if we hadn't had such a fun day planned, it would have taken the Jaws of Life to get me out of the house on a day like today.)

We had just walked in the door and didn't make it past the first row of cats when Kara was smitten by a gray Persian for sale. She oohed and she ahhed and held "Glitzy" and whined around until we dragged her away. Kara and Adam already have two cats - Oreo and Cali - and when she called Adam to ask about buying another one, he told her fine, as long as she found new homes for Oreo and Cali. HA!

We spent about an hour and a half walking through the aisles of gorgeous show cats and watching the judging in several rings. Ah, such fluffy loveliness there was!

Maine Coon

As we left the arena, Jenna mumbled something about being hungry and we discussed the possibility of eating somewhere soon. On the drive down, we had planned out our itinerary which included a quick stop at the Children's Discovery Garden in Dayton as well as Andy's Garden Center in Troy.

We took a quick tour through the children's garden and at this point, Jenna was nearly fainting from hunger. Kara responded to this with a proposal that we not waste time eating lunch since we only had so much time before things closed and that we eat supper after we were done shopping. Jenna rolled her eyes as we handed her a box of crackers and the bag of chocolate truffles.

When I say we took a quick tour of the children's garden, I mean quick. I looked at the time stamp on the photos I took while we were there and from beginning to end, it was only 12 minutes. Why, you ask? Well, it was pouring down rain and only true gardeners would be doing this in the first place. But we saw enough of this fine garden to know we'll be back next year when the weather is better and more things are in flower.

Next stop was north of Dayton, just outside Troy at Andy's Garden. Mom and I had stopped here in the spring of 2006 on the way home from the Cincinnati Flower Show, but we only had about fifteen minutes to shop because they were getting ready to close. We were impressed with what they had to offer and vowed to return in the spring of 2007 when we were ready to buy plants for the new growing season, but for some reason or another, that didn't happen.

Of course, visiting at this time of year didn't afford us the opportunity to buy live plants for our gardens, but they were having a Christmas preview weekend and spring bulbs were 50% off, so we managed to walk out of there with less money than when we entered the front door. I bought a 'Limona' amaryllis, three bulbs of Hyacinth 'Woodstock', and a bag of 'Sagitta' Narcissus. I wanted some 'Thalia'
Narcissus but they were sold out.

As we were driving out to get back on 75 to go home, Jenna was starting to salivate because she knew we were going to be eating supper now. However, we still had time to stop at Andy's Piqua location, so she had to hold out a little longer. You see, Jenna doesn't go on these jaunts with us very often, so she's not familiar with the routine. I'm not sure she likes how we do things, because Jenna is really into her food, but she was a good sport.

Before we got to Piqua, we stopped at Petmart for Jenna to buy some Wee Wee Pads for Bella, since the babysitting wasn't going so well back at home. Romie reported by phone that Bella had had a couple more accidents in addition to those she had last night. Potty training is sooo much fun.

Andy's Piqua location is their original store and is located in a residential neighborhood. It's smaller than the Troy location, but oozes small-town charm and had the same wonderful holiday offerings their other store did. I did a little Christmas shopping and found what I think was their last bag of 'Thalia' narcissus! Between the two stores, I also bought a couple of Christmas tree ornaments and some other decorations.

Finally, Jenna got to eat. Mom said she'd treat us all to supper at Cracker Barrel and by the time we sat down there, we all were pretty hungry. Jenna had started to gnaw on the seat belt.

By 5:30, we were on our way home with full tummies. Kara asked if everyone was happy with their purchases of the day, and Jenna piped right up, "Yeah, I'm pretty darn happy with my Wee Wee Pads." That's all she had bought all day!

We dropped Mom off at home, and as soon as the rest of us got back to our house, Romie and I left again to go to his mom's. It was her 80th birthday and we joined the rest of the family in wishing her a happy birthday. She's an amazing mother of ten, and she sure doesn't seem like the typical 80-year-old.

Kara and Jenna returned to their homes and so did we. Busy, busy day, but just the kind we like - spent with family, making memories.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a sweet little granddog you have there. Bella is just darling. I hope the potty training goes along well. Pee pads is not a very satisfying purchase for a day out with the girls.

Wow you MIL sure doesn't look 80. I would imagine that having 10 children to keep her young she will live many more years.

Gina said...

that is the kind of dog that makes even non-dog people like me want a dog!

Priscilla George said...

Wow what an exciting day. I know the feeling of only buying wee wee pads but they are so rewarding because you know you won't have to clean up pee!

That persian is BEAUTIFUL. I had a persian but she passed away in may. The maine coon is also very beautiful. Never have I been to a cat show or ever caught one on tv.

The childrens gardens looks awesome I can't wait to see what it looks like in good weather.

I would love to hang out with your gang. Cat shows, botanical gardens, shopping, and cracker barrel all my favoirites

Connie said...

Sounds like a delightful outing! That children's garden looks so charming. Could you elaborate a little on the photo that looks like leaf etchings? Was that a wall or floor or ?? Very nice.

Kylee Baumle said...

Lisa ~ Yes, my MIL is an amazing woman. She cared for my FIL, who had had a stroke that kept him in a wheelchair for something like 7 years and he was also unable to speak all that time. She set a wonderful example of what true love and commitment is all about in a relationship. They were married for 53 years, I think it was, when he passed away in 2003.

I couldn't believe Jenna only bought the Wee Wee Pads! She's the saver in the family though, and with her wedding coming up next May, she's trying to be thrifty. I did buy her some bulbs for forcing though, so she'll have some fun with those.

Gina ~ I know what you mean! That's exactly how I feel!

vanillalotus ~ I'm sorry to hear about the passing of your Persian. :-(

You really MUST try to attend a cat show. It's rather informal and to see all those gorgeous kitties in one place is unbelievable. And there are always kittens for sale or adoption. :-)

I look forward to seeing this garden next spring or summer, too. It's not all that far away (two hours) so it won't be a big deal to go down there and see it. I can imagine that it's fabulous!

And we would welcome you to hang out with us, too. We always have such a good time together. I know we're blessed that we are even able to do it - three generations of cat and garden lovers!

Connie ~ That picture you asked about is leaf imprints in the cement walkways. Aren't they really neat?

Unknown said...

I keep giggling when I see the picture of that Persian... doesn't he/she look like Jabba the Hut kinda? (In a very cute way, of course!)

Your MIL sounds like my grandma--and about the same age, too. Still doing her lawnmowing and all of that... I hope to half half of their energy when I'm their age. :)

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Kylee, I enjoyed reading about your fun day with the girls. Bella is adorable!

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Too cute for words little Bella!

I seem to remember that it's not only Jenna who has a healthy appetite. ;-)

What a great little snowman, adorable! I wish they sold Christmas decorations like that over here.

I hop your mother in law had a wonderful 80th birthday!

It's the hallmark of every true gardener to go and look at gardens even in the pouring rain. ;-)

Gorgeous Persian kittycat, I had 2 myself a long time ago. They are really very sweet. Maine Coon, pretty but what happened to his coat? MC's are supposed to be longhairs this one seems to have a short coat. Sorry, that's my inner cat judge speaking; I am, afteral, an international cat judge and seeing these pics brings it all to the fore. ;-)

Well Kylee, it seems you all had a wonderful day making wonderful memories.

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