Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Gilmour Spray Nozzle and Flexogen® Hose Review and Giveaway

When the 4th of July happens around here, it seems like summer is half over. Of course, this isn’t true, except for the school kids and that was a long, long time ago for us. There’s a lot of summer left in the garden too, and one thing that we’re sure to be doing in the hottest and driest part of summer for us here in NW Ohio, is some watering.

Recently, the Fiskars people contacted me about trying some of their products. I’ve always been a fan of Fiskars and somehow missed the fact that they acquired Gilmour, maker of garden watering products, back in 2014.

Among the things they sent me to try were these Gilmour products: 

Of all the things I received to try, the Super Duty Thumb Control Watering Nozzle was my favorite. In their description, they talk about a nozzle having “the right heft” to it, and I have to wholeheartedly agree. This just feels right in your hand. And it’s really easy to control with that thumb lever.

The nozzle head itself has eight spray patterns: Flower, Sweep, Garden, Shrub, Clean, Soft Wash, Rinse, and Jet.

It has stainless steel connectors so it doesn’t corrode and get hard to disconnect from your hose. They also sent me some Quick Connect components though, so I don’t even have to unscrew the nozzle to remove it. I just pop it off.

The Quick Connect set makes it easy to take the nozzle off and on from the hose.

Oh, and it comes with a lifetime warranty, too. I. Love. This. Nozzle.

They also sent me a Flexogen® Super Duty Hose. If there’s one thing that I hear gardeners complain about, it’s hoses. First of all, they don’t like heavy ones and secondly, they hate how they kink. I’ve complained about these very things myself.

The Flexogen® IS lightweight AND it honest-to-goodness DOES NOT KINK. I can't believe it, but it's true. Now this is saying something, because we have really low water pressure. I've had hoses that are supposed to resist kinking under pressure, but when you've got low water pressure, it's hard to make a product that simply won't kink. But Gilmour has done it.

The other thing is, this Flexogen® hose really is pretty lightweight. As someone who suffers from degenerative disc disease in my neck (as so many my age do), I appreciate how much lighter in weight this hose is than some. There's nothing I hate worse about water hoses than dragging one around that behaves like it was a 50-lb. boa constrictor.

Flexogen® hoses have eight layers and have been tested and proven to be the strongest and longest-lasting hose in its class. It's made with heavy-duty brass couplings to hold up well under use.

Also, the polished exterior resists dirt collection, unlike some other hoses I’ve tried. Of course, it’s gray, so it wouldn’t show much dirt anyway, but still. It's my new favorite hose!


Now, the folks at Fiskars and Gilmour have been so kind to offer both the Super Duty Thumb Control Watering Nozzle AND a Flexogen® hose to one of my readers. If enough people enter, they’ve said they might give away two sets! So enter now and tell all your friends and neighbors. The more people that enter, the greater chance there will be two sets to give away! (And no, I do not know what the tipping point will be. LOL)

This giveaway will end with a random drawing on Saturday evening, July 9th, at midnight EDT. All you need to do to enter is to fill out the Rafflecopter form. That’s it. But if you want bonus entries, check out the extra options when you fill out the Rafflecopter form. There are lots of ways to get a bonus entry!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
*I received these products from Fiskars/Gilmour for the purposes of reviewing them and hosting a giveaway. As always, I won't say anything about a product that isn't the truth from my own personal experience with it. I have received no other form of compensation for writing about these products.   


Jen said...

I just love having the quick connects on all of myour hoses and accessories. And I wouldn't mind doing a new hose also.

sandy z said...

Looks easy to use and a gentle spray.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the offer. I'm always looking for good tools.

Jenny said...

I have a nozzle with a thumb control like this & I absolutely love it! It's so much easier on my arthritic hands. I'd love to try this garden hose as well.

dezignlady said...

Love idea of a lightweight and non kinking hose as I have degenerative disc in my lumbar spine!

Colleen said...

Finally;. You mean someone has actually came up with a decent hose and nozzle. Looks absolutely terrific and boy, boy, could I ever use one of these babies.
Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

Gary K. said...

Hi Kylee;

This sounds like a great hose and nozzle setup. I would like to give them a serious tryout if you choose me as your winner!
And, my wife's flower beds and garden would be so thankful too.

Gary K.

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Oh wow Kylee I am in love with this nozzle and hose....what a great idea with the thumb control and connector. I am always looking for help with my tired and older hands when gardening....these would help tremendously. And a hose that is lightweight and doesn't kink is perfection! I will share this giveaway....and hope I do win, but regardless this goes on my wish list!! Thanks to you, Fiskars and Gilmour for the giveaway!

Rose said...

Just bought a new hose that wasn't supposed to kink--ha! A truly non-kink hose and a lightweight one at that would be wonderful. I just bought a nozzle with the thumb control and love it; now I need one for all my hoses!

Anonymous said...

would love to win these. like rose above - my last purchase was a hose that wasn't supposed to kink. well, somebody's pants are on fire. thanks for the chance to win these, kylee. --suz in ohio

Unknown said...

I know my mom and I would loveeee this hose and nozzle!

D Martinez said...

Mine just blew up two days ago. It is a pain in the butt to move the front hose to the back everyday.

Anonymous said...

Always great to get a full positive review before buying and trying!

Unknown said...

Looks great! It would come in handy in my summer garden.

RURAL said...

I love both of these companies products...what a great giveaway.


Pat said...

I can't believe I've broken two hose nozzles. That thumb control looks terrific!

Valerie said...

What a fabulous find and giveaway. So glad to learn about these products. Thank you for sharing!

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