Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here we go again...

What was that I was saying just a couple of weeks ago? We experienced blizzard conditions all day today, and at nearly midnight, it's still going strong. Seven inches of snow right now, and generally 25-30 mph winds with gusts to 40 mph, so there's some serious drifting going on. We won't reach the conditions that we had in 1978, but this is the biggest snowstorm we've had in many years. I was supposed to work all day tomorrow, but our county is currently under a Level III snow emergency, meaning anything but emergency travel is prohibited, and you will be subject to arrest if you're caught out in it. Not that I want to be anyway.

The wind has been coming from the north-northeast, so our normally cozy family room has been chilly. That room has the most windows of any room in the house, and most of them face north and east. Fuzzy socks and throws are making a fashion statement, and lap cats are welcomed. The more the better.

I guess they do make snowstorms like they used to.


Bob said...

Kylee, Stay safe in the white stuff. and, thank you for my birthday card

Carol Michel said...

We had the same storm in Indianapolis, and I am glad it is over for us. The sun came out today and it was all very pretty.

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Hi Kylee,

Brrrrrrrrrrrr, cold! I felt chilly just reading about that snowstorm.

Keep safe and keep warm! Spring will come. Honest! :-)

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