Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can't See the Forest For the Peas

No  matter what you do in life nor how much you enjoy doing it, there are always those teeny little Murphy's Law irritations that are slightly... well... irritating. I love to garden and for the most part, it's pure joy. Even weeding. But...

I'm growing peas. Sugar snaps this time around, because as much as I love fresh shelled peas, it just takes too much work to get them ready to eat. It takes longer to shell them than it does to cook and eat them! So sugar snaps are just the ticket because you can have your peas and eat the pods too.

The first picking came a couple of weeks ago. We ate some of them raw, as we walked to the house from the garden. If you've never eaten raw peas fresh out of the garden, put that on your bucket list.

So I carefully picked pea pods that were just right - not too fat and not too flat - and after about 15 minutes, I'd picked all of them that were ready. Or so I thought. I started to walk back up to the house and something caught my eye - one more obesely fat pea pod. I snatched it off the vine and once again headed to the house.

The next evening, there were more peas to pick. The hot weather, coupled with supplemental watering had them maturing quickly. I picked some more and thought I'd gotten them all when once again, I found a pod or two that were past their prime. How does that happen?? I had concentrated intently on not missing any.

It happens with green beans, too. I'll pick the plants clean, but the next time I go to pick, there are always a few that are bursting at the seams and you just know they were prime for picking three days before.

It's a camouflage issue and just part of the gardening game, but there is a solution - at least for the beans. Grow purple ones that you can't miss!

'Royal Burgundy'

Are there purple peas, too?

Why yes. Yes, there are...

Purple-podded peas in P. Allen Smith's vegetable garden
at Moss Mountain Farm.


Lea said...

I grew green peas this year, too. The seed packet said 'Early Maturing Alaska' (only two months from planting to harvest). Great cool weather vegetable. Wonderful to pick, shell and eat standing right there in the garden!
Happy Gardening!
Lea's Menagerie

stone said...

I like the looks of those beautiful purple jewels, very disappointed that you failed to include links of where you got them.
I used to grow a lot of wax beans... not this year, the local seed stores are providing less and less variety.

Kylee Baumle said...

Lea ~ That's really how they taste best, isn't it? ;-)

stone ~ I didn't provide a link, because I don't remember where I got them. I grew them a few years ago, and I get seeds from so many different sources, both purchased by me and some sent to me to trial. A Google search for "buy purple beans" will probably give links to those businesses that sell them, such as Botanical Interests. That might be where I got mine, not sure!

Kris said...

There is absolutely NOTHING as wonderful as fresh peas from the garden. Forget M&Ms - peas are the REAL mouth-poppin' candy.

Sorry to learn of your serious lack of rain. Last year we were all BAILING out from record rainfall. This year - spastic popups is all.

Hope you get some rainfall action soon. Hang in there!

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