Monday, September 24, 2007

A Late Bloomer

I was working in the garden a bit today, even though we're headed towards near record-breaking temperatures over 90° and the mosquitoes are still conducting their all-out assault on us. (Give it up already!) I was checking the seed pods on the milkweed plant that we'd relocated to our garden from the banks of Cunningham's Ditch and I couldn't believe what I saw. A very large Monarch Caterpillar! This was the same plant where a previous caterpillar had fallen prey to predators.

Since I never did see any of the other caterpillars pupate, I decided to bring this guy inside. I'd successfully kept a Painted Lady caterpillar in the house this winter, all the way through butterfly stage, so I feel confident that I can do the same with this Monarch. I'll release it when it's the proper time so that it can make its long trip to Mexico for the winter.


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