Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Quince is Fruiting

I knew flowering quince (Chaenomeles sp.) sometimes got fruits, but the first summer for mine, which was last year, didn't yield any. As I was walking by it this morning, I noticed three plump quinces! Not enough to make jelly, but I was still happy to see them.

In our relatively cool climate, quince is not edible in its raw form. It's bitter and very hard, so it's cooked which makes it sweeter and softer. The taste is something between an apple and a pear and makes wonderful jelly. It's suitable for poaching and baking too, and is higher in Vitamin C than lemons!

My quince, 'Crimson and Gold,' has gorgeous red flowers in the spring, which is why I fell in love with it in the first place. Mom had a peachy-colored one in her gardens when I was growing up and I must have been impressed with it, because it's one of the few specific plants I remember from that time.

Mine has been a fast grower and I've found another cultivar that I hope to purchase in the future - 'Toyo-Nishiki.' It has tri-colored blooms of red, pink and white.

Flowering quince are also suitable for bonsai culture.


Anonymous said...

If you were my neighbour I could give you some of my quinces that I harvested today. My little tree is only 4 years old, but this autumn it is full of these wonderful fruits. There is a lot of work waiting for me (making jam and jelly). I like the blooms in Spring too, they are so beautiful!

Laura said...

wow!! your crimson and gold quince is absolutely amazing!! i am a regular reader of your blog and i love it. i would love to do a painting loosely based on your photo of the quince if you wouldn't mind. you can see my work if you visit my blog. thanks for all the great stuff, i love your writing and your photos are always gorgeous.

Kylee Baumle said...

Barbara - Is the jelly good? I'm guessing it is, or you wouldn't go to all the bother making it! My bush has only completed its second summer here.

Laura - I've visited your blog before and I LOVE your paintings! Watercolor is my very favorite medium and yes, of course you can paint whatever you choose that you see here.
I am really in awe of your work and see a purchase in my future! :-)

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