Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Little Acre on Facebook

You may have noticed that I added what's called a "Facebook Fan Box" in the column on the right. It's likely that you've heard of Facebook before, and perhaps you're a registered user. Good for you!

I'm a huge fan of the site, though I wasn't always. When I first signed up, I wasn't sure it was something I would even use very much.

I was wrong.

Facebook has put me in touch with former high school and college classmates, friends I'd lost contact with, and people with whom I have a common interest. It's just one of many social networking sites available to internet users.

So what is a social network anyway?
Here's a short video that gives a pretty good explanation:

I use several social networking sites and each has their own unique way of providing me with the tools to connect with those who share a particular interest. Like gardening!

Blotanical has put me in touch with so many wonderful gardeners around the planet, I can't begin to even list the people I've met there. Twitter is another social networking site that I didn't think I'd use much, and although I don't frequent it as much now as I did at first, it too put me in touch with a number of wonderful gardeners. I met Shawna Coronado (The Casual Gardener) on Twitter.

Then along came Facebook. I used it for staying in touch with people that I've known for many years - people that I've met and are relatives or friends in my personal life. Then I found some of my online garden blogger friends were there and some of them found me. My friend list grew.

I started posting updates to my blog on my personal Facebook page, then as more and more businesses and organizations began to have Fan Pages, I thought it would be nice if Our Little Acre had a Facebook page of its own. There I could post updates from my blog as well as photos from the garden and random happenings related to gardening without cluttering up my non-gardening friends' updates.

So the Our Little Acre fan page was born.

As of right now, the page has 100 fans and I'd be happy if that number continued to grow. If you become a fan, any updates to the blog or random comments and photos concerning the garden will show up on your Home page right along with your friends' updates.

Won't you join me on Facebook by becoming a fan of Our Little Acre?


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I've been trying to figure out how to do a fan page. Good on you.

Garden Lily said...

Kylee - I don't feel ready to join Facebook yet (scared of the time I'll spend on it if I do!), but thanks for the overview. I'm also inspired by those videos - wow, are those ever easy to follow!

Shawna Lee Coronado said...

Thanks for the mention Kylee! As you know - I truly love Facebook and Twitter. It has gotten me all my speaking gigs and put me in contact with hundreds of wonderful supportive people.

Be it business or personal, I know that lots of awesome people will help me and I can help them. It's really a great thing.

Take care!

Shawna Coronado

bg_garden said...

This is a great Blog entry! I can't believe how much NETWORKING has done for my garden... seriously! I have learned so much from people around the world.

THE HIGHLIGHT was meeting you Kylee!
Happy Autumn!

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Your facebook page looks great. I'm so glad you enjoy it.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Kylee, I joined Facebook this summer... I agree with the many positives. However, I cannot afford to spend so much time at the computer, so when I post, I just add a link on my page. :-)

joey said...

Count me in with a 'toothy' grin :), dear Kylee! I'm on facebook, twitter, Blotanical, my blog, blah, blah yet don't seem to be able to do justice to any :) How do you do it all ... and so well, dear friend ...kudos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kylee and I think it looks awesome. You must have figured out the sizing thing. I'm loving it. Hoping with all my heart that your readers will give. I'm counting on it. Love ya for it. Big hugs.

JGH said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by Nyack Backyard! and thanks also for the facebook tips. I have become your "fan" :-) I'm Jennifer Giunta Hausler on Facebook.

I really should use Facebook more to promote my blog posts. Haven't quite gotten the hang of twitter, tho!

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Kaylee;

Nice descrip of networking - it has inspired me to get involved.

Like Garden Lily I've been afraid facebook will eat up too much of my time.

However! I am now following you on Twitter - which works pretty well for an ADD kind of gardener such as myself. :)

Kylee Baumle said...

Anna ~ I love trying to figure out things like this, so it was fun to do.

Garden Lily ~ I think Facebook is like a lot of other online things. When you first start with them, you DO spend a lot of time at it. But I think that's a necessary evil, because by doing that, you really learn how things work. Once the novelty of them wears off, you get to a more normal level of involvement with them. Unless you've got an addictive personality like I do... LOL!

Shawna ~ I've learned quite a bit from you, about a lot of things! But meeting you in person was a real treat. You're so endearing and positive! *hugs*

Bren ~ Hey, girlfriend...all this stuff brought you and me together! Kylee and Bren - wreaking havoc across the blogosphere! LOL. Okay, not yet, but world, watch out! :-D

Mary ~ Thanks! I always enjoy your comments!

Shady Gardener ~ That's basically what I do on my Facebook Fan Page. I do post a few other updates and photos, but for the most part, just links to new posts. You can set it to automatically post to your FB page via feed and you can tie your FB fan page to Twitter, so anything you post on your fan page automatically gets Tweeted. They do try to make it easy that way, but every thing isn't right for everybody. It's nice to have so many choices though!

Joey ~ Thanks, Joey, but I feel like I'm pulled in a lot of different directions. I could do much better if I wasn't so ADD!!

Anna ~ I'm glad I finally got things figured out, but it still is too wide. It needs to be 150 pixels wide for the entire graphic to show. I can't figure out an easy way to get it that way, but oh well!

Jennifer ~ I'm discovering new blogs all the time! I need a full-time job reading blogs. LOL. If you find anyone who's willing to pay for that, let me know, will ya? ;-)
Your photos are just gorgeous.
Thanks for being a fan!

Kate Want to talk about ADD? Oh myyyyy...that's me! I have too many irons in the fire, and feel somewhat overwhelmed. I have an amazing ability to make simple things complicated. But I do enjoy technology and figuring it all out. I definitely spend a LOT of time at it!
Did you know you can link your Facebook fan page to Twitter so that anything you post on it will automatically post to your Twitter account? Time saver!!

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