Monday, December 3, 2007

Tag! The Kitties Are It!

Yolanda Elizabet and the kitties of Team Bliss have tagged the felines who rule the roost at Our Little Acre by asking a few questions. Simon, the senior member around here, would rather not be bothered, but he also won't be shown up by his cohorts, so he agreed to play along.

Favorite 'Songs'

Jilly - Yakkety Yak

Max - Hold Me Now

Luna - Don't Worry, Be Happy

Simon - You're So Vain

Baby - Catch Me If You Can

Favorite Toys

Jilly - Terrycloth catnip-filled bone and my pink mouse

Simon - fleece mouse; my shadow

Boo - mice, birds, bugs ...

"Oh look! It looks kind of like me! I wonder if it will grow up to be a kitty!"

Sunny - the other cats
Baby - the tear-away rings from gallon milk jug lids

Things You Love To Eat

Jack & Jilly - We love that Special Kitty wet food in a pouch.
Wish we could have it all the time.

Max - ditto
Boo - see Favorite Toys
Simon - I'll eat any plant that remotely resembles grass, including the artificial Christmas tree.

Sunny - I'm sure you'll find just about anything in that roly poly belly of mine!
I just love to eat!!

Favorite Activities You Like to Engage In

Max - I like to help Mom in the garden. She digs the best holes. She puts plants in them before I can go potty in them though.

Jack - A cat's life is pretty exhausting work, so whenever I get the chance, I sleep ...

... and sleep ...

... and sleep.

Simon - I keep trying to figure out how to become an only child, but Baby is a tough cookie. I don't think she's going anywhere.

Jilly - I like hanging out with the 'rents. They adore me. They think it's cute when I talk to them, so I talk a lot.

Name Bad Habits

Jack - Climbing is what I do. I'm like those humans who climb mountains. I do it because it's there. And "it" isn't just trees. There's the pergola, the trellis, Dad, and the screens. Oh, the screens!! They're the most fun! Perfect little toe-holds; it's like a rock wall for kitties! They're disappearing though. Dad keeps taking them down and putting them somewhere.

Baby - I can barely remember what it's like outside, so I need to go out every now and then for some fresh air! Mom and Dad go berserk if I run out the door. Do they think I'm going to leave them or something? Are they crazy??? I've got it good and I know it. I just want to run around a little bit and feel the grass between my paws.

Boo - I like to terrorize Max, just because I can. I'm really a sweet, gentle thing but I've got a male ego, too, you know? Even though there's room enough around here for me and seven other kitties, I've got my own turf and I spray it when I feel the need to remind everyone of that fact. Of course, this means I can't come in the house anymore. Maybe I should rethink this . . .

Jilly - I like to wake Mom and Dad up at 4:00 in the morning by licking their eyelids. I think it's a much gentler way of trying to get those eyes open than using my claws, but they complain when I do it. I usually end up out in the garage. I just wanted to play!!

Luna - I just love rolling in the leaves and the garden. The creek that runs behind our house has fun places to play, too. And this big pile of dirt? It was pretty fun. I got really dirty and I didn't bother to clean myself because I was just going to get dirty again anyway. Besides, I got some cockleburs in my fur and it hurts my tongue to lick those.


Barbara said...

The pictures are cute! Lovely! You've tagged me two weeks ago. I answered it today! Have a nice day!
P.S. As you have tagged me, I hope to have your permission to link your blog to mine??

AmaryllisBulbs said...

Kylee I don't know if you already know or maybe you don't care but there is a website copying your posts and reposting them on their website.

just wanted to let you know

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Great kitty post. Love them all :-)

Unknown said...

Oh, these are priceless, Kylee, especially the one of Max on Romie's lap with his tongue sticking out, and Simon looking embarassed as a 'lion'. Mungus said he's glad he doesn't have long hair!

Kylee Baumle said...

Barbara ~ I'm heading over now to read your post, and yes, of course you can link to my blog! Thank you! :-)

amaryllisbulbs ~ Thanks for the heads up! I wish they'd at least asked permission. Grrr... They did provide the original link back to my blog, which sometimes they don't do, but still, it's unnerving to see your writing copied like that so they can generate revenue. I've left a message asking them to remove it, for all the good that will probably do.

Unknown said...

Kylee, what great pictures! I especially love the picture of Jack and Jilly eating together. Aww. And Boo--was that a REAL mouse by him outside? I can't imagine that it wasn't either a) Running away or b) Within Boo's claws. Wow.

(The pic of the kitty and the woolly bear caterpillar is priceless with your caption!)

Kylee Baumle said...

jodi ~ I've got a close-up of Max with his tongue hanging out. It's even funnier. Simon did act weird at first when we had him shaved the first time, then he decided he liked it! He's much more affectionate when he's shaved and more playful, too!

Brandy ~ I love that picture of Jack and Jilly eating together, too. I couldn't believe they had their tales crossed like that! I've not seen them do that again. And yes, that's a real mouse sitting by Boo. There were four cats that were toying with that poor mouse. I'll have to tell the whole story on here someday. I tried to rescue the mouse and they found it again and all they did was tease it and play with it. None of the four ate it or really were even mean with it. After awhile, they all walked away and the mouse escaped.

Ewa said...

Ow, this is fun to see all this pictures especially Boo (am I right with the name?) with caterpillar.
All of them are great. Thanks for sharing,

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

Max looks so cute with his little pink tongue out!!!!! Oh my goodness! It's prompted a full on cute attack here! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Dolly and Vita: what have you done with Max, he looks so strange! ;-)
Pippa, Willow, Delia and merlin: hey, that Jilly looks very much like us and we like her pink mouse too!!

All the girls: ohhhhhh, we love Boo, we simply adore any cat that comes with matching bug!

Your Jack has got the right cattitude!

We agree with Max, it is sooooo annoying when our PA puts plants in the holes she just dug, we have a much better use for them. ;-)

Lots of purrrrrrrrs from the Bliss team!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lively household you have with all those kitties. You are lucky you don't have more breakage with all those kitties roaming about the house.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Kylee, I enjoyed reading this post so much. What entertaining kitties you have. You have been able to capture some great kitty moments. I cracked up at the one of the black kitten with the black fuzzy caterpillar, that was great!

Muum said...

what a fun bunch of cats you have! I enjoyed reading about their escapades.

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