Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bumper Crop of Shriveled Blackberries

This year's blackberry crop was really looking good there for awhile. It appeared as though we would have a bumper crop. We planted six of them a couple of years ago - 3 'Chester' and 3 'Triple Crown'. We had a nice round of plump berries last year. In September and October.

Clearly, things are different this year.We started out with lots of blooms. Early. Then there were the berries. Early. We tried to keep things watered in this nasty droughtish summer with its extreme and prolonged heat. Berries like plenty of water during berry formation. But apparently, we just couldn't keep up. Boo.

All the wonderful, loaded thornless canes now look like this:

It's sad and such a waste of berry potential. There are a few berries that have managed to plump up and be juicy and we're racing the birds to pluck them. (Yes, we have nets, but there aren't enough berries to bother with them.) 

Better luck next year.


Gail said...

Rain does make a difference.

Rose said...

So sorry about your blackberries, Kylee. It was a bad year for strawberries around here, too. As you say, we can only hope next year will be better! said...

The summer here has indeed been crazy! But once again, we gardeners, lament, and dream of 'next year'. happy dreams.

Mary Ellen said...

Just put my summer veg to bed. The weather just made it impossible to maintain. Transplanted some herbs to pots. Hoping for a long fall so I can again.

Unknown said...

Yes, this summer heat and no rain is making lots of things very hard to do or enjoy. I have not mowed the lawn for 7 weeks now. And by the looks of it, will not need to for another 4 weeks.

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