Monday, August 22, 2011

The Summer of My Content

Annie, of Haven Brand Compost Teas and
I have fun at P. Allen Smith's farm in April.

I knew this summer would fly by and it has. With so many garden trips and other activities both planned and unplanned, August arrived quickly and it's now nearly over. But time flies when you're having fun, right?

In the matter of six months, I've been to Chicago (twice), Columbus, Little Rock, Seattle, British Columbia, Michigan, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. And this weekend, I'll be in Indianapolis for the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium.

Seattle Space Needle

While in Seattle and British Columbia, I took no less than 4077 photos. I'm still working my way through them, as well as the photos and blog posts about my other spring and summer adventures. I've also been fortunate to receive a number of garden products to test and I want to tell you about them, so stay tuned!

In between all that fun, I've had some work days at my dental hygiene job, which is also quite fun and very interesting, as it involves dental research and testing of dental products. Paid writing jobs have kept me busy, too. I feel very blessed to wear so many hats and that I enjoy all of them.

What's in store for September? Writing about it all. And sleep. And maybe my house will find some semblance of order. (No bets taken on that last one.)


Lona said...

You know that old song " I've been everywhere man". LOL! You have been busy and we will be able to enjoy all those pictures when our gardens have stopped blooming.

Kylee said...

Lona, you are so kind. I feel a little less guilty now! xoxo

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