Friday, March 12, 2010

The NEW Garden World Report!

A few weeks ago, the Energizer® bunny of the gardening world - Shirley Bovshow - contacted me and asked if I'd contribute to a new episode of Garden World Report.  If you know Shirley, her enthusiasm is contagious and before you know it, she has you believing you can garden in the middle of February.  Even in Ohio. CAN! And that's just what Shirley wanted me to share with the gardening world.

So, I put on my coat and headed out into one of the snowstorms we were having and showed my garden under snow.  No gardening going on there! But we northerners still manage to get our gardening fix in other ways and that's just what I share with you on Shirley's Garden World Report. The new show debuted yesterday, March 11th.

"Garden Inspiration for Spring!"
Watch live streaming video from gardenworldreport at

My segment begins at 6:40 in the video.  

This is the second time I have been on Garden World Report. Mom and I spoke about the Smiley Park Children's Garden during one of the shows last fall.There are new episodes posted about once a week and you can see them at

We may not be as fortunate as some people we know that can garden outside year round, but because of Garden World Report, we get to live vicariously through those who can. There are so many wonderful ideas presented, and we can plan for the warmer days of spring!

Thank you, Shirley!

Shirley Bovshow is a professional landscape designer, garden television host, gardening coach, blogger, speaker and new media broadcaster based in Los Angeles.


Garden Lily said...

Bravo Kylee! I love your report, seeing you standing out in the snowy garden, and your photo book is gorgeous - what a great idea!

F Cameron said...

Great video! What fun!

Unknown said...


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