Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Kind of Kalanchoe

As I was doing a little research for my Green Thumb Sunday post about my new kalanchoes, I ran across an image on Google that looked familiar. It was the same plant I've had for about two years. I bought it two winters ago at Lowe's because I liked the paddle-like forms of its glaucous leaves.

And now I know what it is. Yes, that's right. Me, who Googles everything under the sun - most especially plants - went for two entire years without knowing just what my plant actually was, beyond being a succulent. I'd seen a similar one with reddish edges last winter when we were in Florida, growing in my aunt's neighbor's yard. Her neighbor didn't know what it was either.

But now I know. It's a kalanchoe. I never would have guessed that, based on the common ones we find up here. It doesn't look a thing like those. And the one I saw in Florida has reddish edges because it's exposed to direct sunlight most of the time. Mine isn't, even in the summer.

Kalanchoe thyrsiflora

It has grown quite a bit since I bought it. In fact, I now have two of them where there once was one. Even the smaller one is much bigger than the original plant was when I bought it. It lives outside on the front porch during the summer, and that's when it experiences the most growth. It's an easy plant, too. It's very forgiving when I forget to water it. And with 177 houseplants this winter, that happens.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

This Kalanchoe is a beaut. I think I have killed one of these before. :/

Unknown said...

I many little time. And sometimes it's darn hard to decide whether you're dealing with a Kalanchoe or a sempervivum or a sedum....and when the taxonomists change names, that makes it even more fun. I like this one too, but I don't think I've ever seen it!

Ewa said...

Both of them are beautiful. The silver one with pinkish/salmon shades is nicer to me :)

I just red the previous post about it - I am speechless!
I think you got the world record.
Did you check the Guiness Book?

But wait..
I just counted my own ones and I think I am much behind... but I counted abt 35. Hmmm.. how is that?

gintoino said...

I have the exact same one in my porch. I suspected it to be a kalanchoe but didn't know the species. Mine is more like the one you saw in Florida, with the red edges, mainly during winter (I suspect it has to do with the colder temperatures)
Thank for for identifying my Kalachoe :-)

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